Established in 2010, Divinity Collection is a modest fashion and Halal Vegan Cosmetics label that designs and produces modern and stylish hijabs and clothing range that meets the needs of the modest woman. 
The materials for our Hijab collection and clothing lines are hand picked for quality and suitability for each application. We only use best dressmakers for our Hijabs and clothing lines. When you choose your Hijab or attire from Divinity Collection, you know you are getting quality and value for money.
Our mission is to make modest fashion mainstream. Hence for your convenience we have Stores in Major Shopping Centres in Sydney. Bankstown Central & Stockland Merrylands (Melbourne store Soon) and off course we ship promptly worldwide.
Divinity Collection's Vegan Cosmetics range has undertaken extensive research and development. Our Ethos is to produce a quality product is that is Vegan, Cruelty Free and hence a Non toxic and Halal. Our products exceed the performance of all world leading cosmetic labels. Range includes Breathable Nail Polish, Vegan Lipsticks, Vegan Eyeliner, Vegan Mascara, Eye Brow Pencil, Lip Mask etc.
We also recently participated in Jakarta Modest Fashion Week amd the First time modest fashion was part of Melbourne Fashion Week in 2019. Check out our show in this video.
Divinity Collection has a successful wholesale division that supplies a large range of boutiques in Australia. Click Here to Join our Wholesale List for more information.
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